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We can prepare self assessment tax returns speedily giving clients as much notice as possible of taxation liabilities. This service does depend on co-operation from the clients as although we can often achieve miracles, preparing a tax return without having received any information is even beyond our capabilities. We do not merely prepare returns but also keep clients appraised of impending liabilities and filing dates so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

As part of out standard procedures we carry out checks designed to minimise the risk of errors and omissions on tax returns, an example being checking dividend vouchers submit- ted with company records to ensure that no dividend vouchers have been lost and hence income potentially under declared. This premium level of care is something we are proud of and greatly appreciated by clients.


Our Personal Tax services extend beyond the calculation of income tax and capital gains tax liabilities to tax planning advice of all kinds. This covers matters as diverse as annual advice on capital gains tax, estate equalisation for inheritance tax mitigation, the creation of trusts, and the timing of the sale of a business to maximise available reliefs and minimise tax liabilities.

We also pride ourselves on our efficient dealings with the HMRC whether this be the result of an investigation into a clients tax return or putting right an HMRC error. As HMRC become more aggressive in their approach to investigation we have the necessary experience and expertise to protect the interest of our clients and challenge the Revenue if appropriate.

“ A problem shared is a problem halved ”

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